Yes building a new home is challenging - but we must say that without Estilo we wouldnt be where we are today. There are many decisions to make and it can be stressful but we have found Jodie to be an intelligent and pragmatic guiding influence as we progressed through the build process. Obviously you pay a premium to have a company like Estilo manage the new build process but believe us - it is worth it.

The build process with Estilo can be described as honest, quality adding and professional. But there are still pressures and stresses that will occur. We were fortunate in having a son who is a plumber, gas fitter and drain layer. Although he was able to save a little on the costs - more importantly he was a careful observer of the other tradespeople Estilo employed. Without exception we can say that all of those tradespeople and supporting consultants (eg kitchen designer and interior designer) were of the highest quality.

We are absolutely happy so far, with the quality of our new home.

In short - building is stressful (hey so is life sometimes!) but overall I cant speak more highly of Estilo Homes and how they have managed our new home project.

I am a professional Engineer so have some experience with construction and contracts. Although there have been a few issues I have raised with them - in all cases they have responded appropriately and we have reached a mutually agreeable solution.