'We'll build you a house to your specifications'
'No Stress' you said, 'and within budget'
We're new to this game and quite sceptical too
So how could we possible judge it?

You seemed fair and honest with principles high
So we signed on the black dotted line
If anxiety loomed you simply just said
'Relax it will all turn out fine'

With assuarance like that we managed to settle
And started to relish the ride
Knowing the project was properly managed - and
Estilo was right on our side

First, progress was slow as the weather decided
to irk us and have its own way
As the heavens fair opened it bucketed down
And continued for day after day

At the end of all that it was just like a bog
But we got not a dog's show to worry
For the bulldozers came with a scape and a dig
And sorted that out in a hurry

Your subbies-well chosen, approachable too
Professional, friendly and fast
Meticulous workmen so good at their jobs
Creating things so unsurpassed

You kept us informed of any small changes
You included us right down the line
Keep up the good work with those clients of yours
And your business will keep doing fine

You delivered your promise that it wouldn't be stressful
We've mixed feelings now that it has ended
We've enjoyed the 'build' road as you made it so easy
And you'll always come well recommended

Your public relations and ethics are great
Your standards up to the minute
Your road to the future is going so well
For you then - the sky is the limit

We'll miss popping in for advise or assurance
Interspersed with some laughter and such
So continue to do things as well as you are
And to all of you - thank you so much.