Early last year and recently single, I embarked on a big project – building my own home. Potentially a daunting project but fortunately for me, with my good friend interior designer Debra DeLorenzo and Simon Redshaw – it was easy peasy! Simon was happy to let me bring Debra in to do my kitchen and some flooring.

My budget was really tight as I am on a single income and Simon kept me on the straight and narrow to what I could afford and where it was best to use my money. Smart, realistic and sensible advice.

In March 2011, I signed up with Estilo Homes – Master Builders - and my brief to Simon was short – my family is coming for Christmas! In August, I said the same to his amazing team of tradesmen at my roof shout and they all did an incredible job. Their workmanship and attention to detail was outstanding. Maybe the baking I would drop off on the occasion helped? Simple things like the fences for code of compliance were so well made and looked fantastic. Great attention was paid to what would suit the look of the house, including outside light fittings, covers around the venting systems, to advice on the colour and type of concrete for the driveway!

Got code of compliance – easy peasy! No hassles for me with that sort of stuff. Simon took care of it all.

I moved in on 24 November 2011 and my beautiful home has passed the family inspection. Father (Electrical inspector) and brother-in-laws plus mother, sisters and lots of kids tested the place (hammered it in fact). It held up and passed inspection with flying colours! The quality of the building and superb finishing of the house was noted.

With Simon’s professionalism and perfectionism he will build you the home that you want and it will be a joy to live in. Mine is!